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Car Service for the Elderly

Rely on Elite Black Car Services to safely get your loved ones where they need to be.
When driving is no longer an option, Elite Black Car Services provides reliable and professional car service for senior citizens.

Did you know that one-half of Americans 65 and older do not have access to public transportation, and more than half of all non-drivers 65 and older stay at home on any given day because they don’t have transportation options?  Those in the Southern California area are particularly affected because public transportation options are limited.

It is important for seniors to remain mobile in order to keep their independence, socialize with friends and family, reduce feelings of isolation and loneliness, and increase many other life-prolonging benefits.

If you or your loved ones are no longer able to drive, Elite Black Car Services can help.

We realize that assisting aging clients for non-emergency medical transportation and numerous other reasons demand extra patience, friendliness, and high-quality personalized service.  Our staff and chauffeurs are trained to be exceptionally receptive to the needs of our elderly clients and treat senior citizens with the respect they deserve.

Car Service for the Elderly

More than a transportation service

When friends and family are not available, you can request that our chauffeurs walk in and out with you to:
  • Medical and dental appointments
  • Tests at a lab or hospital
  • Doctor’s appointments
  • Grocery and other shopping
  • Visits with friends and relatives
  • Community activities to take part in
  • Drop-offs and pick-ups at LAX, John Wayne, and Long Beach Airport
  • Shopping at a mall
  • Eating out
  • Other reasons that transport is needed

Why should seniors choose Elite Black Car Services?

  1. Easily manage transportation for our clients that do not use mobile phones
  2. Instantly track driver’s location through our easy to use smartphone app
  3. Trained in mobility and gait assistance
  4. Able to transport people from a wheelchair or walking device into and out of our vehicles
  5. Safe and secure folding and storage of mobility assistance devices
  6. Chauffeurs all have accident-free driving records and are part of the DMV “random pull” program for safety and drug testing
  7. Vehicles are 2015 models or newer and are licensed and commercially insured
  8. Scheduled maintenance program ensures vehicle reliability and safety
  9. Many booking options– email, telephone, on our website, or through our smartphone application

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Elite Black Car has the experience, the fleet, and a team of professionals to get you to your destination in comfort and style.